Dee's Bakery In the News:

  • Dee's comes to rescue
    The Cambridge Times, August 29, 2008
    Dee's General Store will be coming to the aid of the Cambridge and District Humane Society with a Labour Day fundraiser. ... more
  • Queen of tarts hits one million mark
    The Cambridge Times, July 11, 2008
    Dee Miller is reputed to make the best butter tart anywhere and last week she proved it as her sales of the tasty Canadian pastry surpassed the one-millionth morsel ... more
  • A million tarts later, it's time to celebrate
    The Waterloo Region Record, July 2, 2008
    Dee Miller is basking in the sweet smell of success.

    The Cambridge woman expects to sell her one millionth butter tart tomorrow. ... more
  • Butter-tart baker records sweet sign of success
    The Record, March 19, 2004
    Monday will be a sweet day at Dee's General Store when owner-baker Dee-Dee Miller expects to sell her 500,000th butter tart... more
  • Sweet Propostion
    The Cambridge Reporter, March 15, 2002
    Butter tarts and a little deceit serve as backdrop for marriage proposal at Dee's General Store... more
  • Will you marry me?
    Flamborough Review, Friday March 22, 2002
    Adam Ross repeatedly told girlfriend Angie Burtch that he would marry her when the sign in front of Dee's General Store in Valens said that 500,000 butter tarts had been baked... more
  • And the best bought butter tart is...
    The Kitchener Record, Sept 19, 1998
    ...The tarts were cut in quarters and identified by an A, B, C or D. We printed the ballots set up the table and waited. It was a very popular stop at the open house...more
  • buttertarts to die for

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