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Subject: Butter Tarts to Burbank California

Hey Dee.
The order of butter tarts made it to my cousin's studio in Burbank on the weekend. He grew up in Toronto, but has lived in the US for over 35 years, and really missed our Grandma's butter tarts from years ago.
When I found your tarts I told him I know of some tarts that would make him forget all about Grandma's tarts.I believe I am right based on some of his comments over the past few days:

  • "Absolutely incredible -- both you and the tarts"!
  • "There's no doubt in my mind I've never had a better tart in my life".
  • "We are so thrilled with these, you wouldn't believe it. I think I'll get out the crokinole board and make it an all-Ontario night".
  • "Absolutely the best butter tarts I've ever had"!
  • "I'm really having a hard time eating these at a reasonable pace -- I'm more like a crazed madman"!!
It is safe to say that you and your staff are now his favourite butter tart makers!!! Thank you for that! I believe I am also now his favourite cousin!!


Subject: Butter tarts !

Hello Dee,
I just wanted to let you know how much my husband and I enjoyed the butter tarts I ordered from you.
We have been together for 22 years and I honestly don't think he has ever loved a present from me as much as he did your tarts :) It was so nice to be able to get some now that his mother is no longer here to make them. Thank you and Merry Christmas!!

Tracy Mugan

Subject: Butter tarts !

I worked with Crystal on my order and want to thank her and everyone else who worked so hard to make sure we had perfect BT's. They arrived in near perfect shape and with enough advance time that I didn't have to worry if they would come on time. Over the years, my Canadian husband and I have had many BT's and there's a wide difference in quality. Yours are absolutely in the top tier. Thanks for making our Canadian Thanksgiving for our friends here in the Sonoran Desert a real treat.
All the best,

Subject: Best butter tarts ever!

Dee, I wanted to let you know I picked up a dozen of your tarts on the way to African Lion Safari over the weekend (at a shop in Valens) and brought them to the office to share. We have all eaten a LOT of butter tarts in our time, and everyone in the office agrees that yours are absolutely the best! The pastry is perfect, and they and the filling is just the right consistency. Can’t wait to make our way through Valens or Cambridge next!

Subject: Buttertarts

Hi Dee, I received the order on Saturday and took the tarts to my school today (Monday). Out of the 72 tarts .. only 3 were “damaged”. I didn’t care. They were still delicious. Most of the 60 staff have never tried a buttertart before and were very intrigued. I made sure each person got a tart (the pecan was the most popular because it reminded them of Pecan pie). Well .. the responses I got were varied. Here are some examples :
"Oh my god .. these are the best things I've ever tasted"

"Yummmmm .."

"no comment" but big wide eyes ..

"Are you done with that box ?"..
I also noticed that there are different ways of eating a tart:
1) The picker. Someone that takes a little bit at a time because they want to save some for later.

2) The muncher. Someone that couldn’t control themselves and had to eat them right away.

3) The licker. After they ate the tart .. they licked their fingers and the plate that the tart was on.

4) The bitetalker. Someone who takes a bite and talks about it. Then takes another bite.
Thank you again for the wonderful tarts. I look forward to our next order. Take care,

Gary Quan,


Subject: A great big thank you!

We stopped on a whim today on our way to Fergus, and boy am I glad we did. My husband and I consider ourselves butter tart connoisseurs (well in our minds) who make it a point to find butter tarts on our travels. We have done the official Butter Tart Trail, but prefer to find our own great tarts. I had your peanut butter chocolate chip tart and can sincerely say it was the best tart I have ever had!! We will be back - repeatedly!

Michelle Stewart,

Subject: my visit

Hi Dee – Gord and I came to your store yesterday and bought 36 butter tarts – Loved them – they are absolutely “To Die For” – Raisin are my favourite but Gord loved the Peanut Butter/Chocolate Chip even though we bought 3 other kinds also so yes we will be back – thanks again for telling me to come and visit.

Carol D.

Subject: Buttertarts

Best buttertarts ever. Might just be my decade of deprivation that makes me think so though.

On the trip a few crumbs got out of the box and were stuck to some of the shipping tape. This morning I got a call from the mail room: "Hi Cameron, we've got a parcel here from Canada for you, and I don't want to be alarming but there's some white powder or something leaking out..."

I told them it was food, but I didn't offer to share any.

Subject: Best Vutter Tarts Anywhere

My husband was in Cambridge for some reason a couple weekends ago. He got lost and ended up in front of your store. My husband loves a bakery. Anyway, he came home with six tarts. They were the best tarts I'd ever tasted. Crispy on top and gooey inside, but not too gooey, just the right amount of gooey. And lots of it. I'm thankful for the sticker on the packaging, because I goggled you and here I am. We will be back!
Susan & Keith Naismith,

Subject: Bizzy Butler story submission for the Canadian Concierge Directory Newsletter

"The Bizzy Butler in Maple Ridge , BC received a call from a lawyer in Phoenix, Arizona who had been longing for some 'Canadian' butter tarts ( Yes, Butter Tarts are a Canadian delicacy!). He had unsuccessfully tried to find a retail outlet in Canada that could courier butter tarts to him . We were able to source a small bakery in Ontario that specializes in butter tarts and Dee was able to ship my client 4 dozen tarts by FedEx. Dee ships her fine pastries all over North America. Dee has made her millionth butter tart in her small bakery and has put one large sticky smile on my client's face! I love my job!"

The Bizzy Butler
Your Personal Assistant for life's busy days...

"Dear Dee,

I just had my very first Dee's butter tart (the flavour of the month- chocolate crunch) and all I can say is WOW!!! I've never been much of a butter tart person but your butter tarts have changed my mind! My finance and i were nearby your store yesterday and he asked if i wanted to get some really awesome butter tarts....so i said yes (and i must admit i was skeptical). He told me that his boss (which is also my cousin!) is in love with your tarts and has been hoarding them by the dozen! And I think that will be me once our 6 that we bought are done......

Thanks and they are amazing! never stop!"
Melissa Ferreira
Cambridge, ON

Subject: I've died and gone to heaven....

Dear Dee,

The butter tarts arrived today, and they are absolutely wonderful.

Thank you so much for the fabulous tarts, the great packaging and the terrific service.


Subject: best tarts around!!

"Had to write to tell you that your buttertarts are the best I HAVE EVER HAD!I have tried lots and I am addicted to yours. My only problem is I need to stock up more because I eat them all.


Subject: Christmas Present success

"I just wanted to drop you a note - my mom loved the raisin and butterscotch tarts, she's hoarding them in the refrigerator and doling them out one at a time!! So funny, I told her we could get more, didn't change her mind and she won't share!!

Thanks again"

Tammy Yoes

"Hi Dee. Just wanted to let you know that the butter tarts arrived safely at my mother's house even though they were a day early. I was able to reach her neighbor who put them inside the house. Mom got home that evening late and guess what she had as a late night snack. When I talked to her this afternoon she had already eaten 6 (oops this might have been a bad idea) and she has not even been home 24 hours.

... Good luck to you and your wonderful bakery.


C and K
Austin, Texas"

"Dee's Bakery,

     I just love your butter tarts. I live close to 60 miles away from you bakery and whenever I have to come your way I always try to stop in to get some of the 'Butter Tarts to Die For'. My favourite flavours are the Maple Walnut and Southern Pecan. Although I have tried most of the other flavours, and are all yummy, those two are my personal favourites. I can understand why you have sold as many as you have. Keep inventing new flavours and I will be buy to test them out.

A very satisfied returning customer
J. MacGyver

"I was making up my New Years Eve CDs tonight as the crowd arrived and found a song by Len… Steal my Sunshine… the beginning of the song talks about Butter Tarts… as the night progressed I had to ask the crowd 'What in the hell is a butter tart??' we quickly found your site and found out what butter tarts were. Additionally I found the story about the couple that proposed in your store… I was instantly greeted by tears… what a great story… and a great way to end the year.

Thanks for the story and the great website!

Charlotte, NC. USA

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