Dee's Buttertarts are a truly Canadian treat. Made of only the best ingredients, Dee's heavenly tarts are just gooey enough to be tasty without being messy.

Butter tart history tells that the award winning tart recipe was created by Dee in an effort to create a bakery specialty to attract customers to her small general store in Valens, Ontario.

The plan worked, and Dee's tiny bakery now boasts having hand made over 1,000,000 Buttertarts. Read the story:
A million tarts later, it's time to celebrate!


Of course it is worth the drive to Dee's Bakery if you live anywhere nearby. In case you can't visit the bakery, Dee's Buttertarts can be shipped anywhere in North America! Give Dee a call to discuss details and place your order: (519)740-0305

We also do wholesale orders!

For wholesale inquiries please contact:

Christopher Duncan at (519)277-1416

Dee Miller at (519)622-3412

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Big buttertart
Size Does Matter!

Dee's Buttertarts are HUGE by comparison. They weigh an average of 85 grams (almost 3 oz to U.S. non metric literates). The tarts are actually made in muffin tins to ensure maximum value to the customer.

buttertarts to die for

Dee's Bakery
118 St Andrews St, Cambridge, ON, Canada
Phone: (519) 740-0305
Hours: 10am to 6pm Monday to Friday
10am to 6pm Weekends

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Dee's Butter Tarts come in over a dozen flavours: from the traditional Raisin through to a Southern Pecan or Chocolate Chip variety. MORE!
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over 2,023,012
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